The DRONEMASTERS Junior Academy offers playful access to digitization and aerodynamics through drones and drone racing. Children and teenagers between the ages of 10 and 15 learn to fly on sight and through video goggles in our workshops under the guidance of experienced trainers and coaches using various age-appropriate drone systems. During the workshop, the juniors will also get an insight into the programming and technical optimization of drones.

The workshops aim to get children and teenagers excited about drone technology. The juniors will learn about the physical basics of flying, get to know the structure and technique of drones and compete in their own final race. In all areas of the workshop, the juniors are encouraged to develop their own ideas and to find individual solutions. We attach great importance to the development of technical skills and understanding of the design of simple electronic circuits. The courses address several key learning outcomes for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. All knowledge is taught in a playful and age-appropriate way.

Details about future workshops in Berlin are shared via our updates on the DRONEMASTERS Academy.



Our dates for the upcoming workshops in Berlin


Summer holidays (5 days)

Autumn holidays (4 days)


4 Days 290,00 EUR VAT included

5 Days 350,00 EUR VAT included

The amount is due upon registration. The participation will be confirmed only after receipt of payment.
The number of participants is limited.

If not enough participants register for a workshop, we reserve the right to suspend it. In this case the participation fee will be refunded.

[Status: February 2019. Subject to change without notice.]


Summercamp 2019

Workshop Program

The DRONEMASTERS are once again organizing several Junior Academy workshops this year. We are thus continuing the successful series of events from the last two years and giving children and young people access to a future-oriented technology.

The workshops during the summer holidays are held over five days. The workshops during the Easter and autumn holidays cover four days and teach the same knowledge in condensed form.

The workshop takes place between 10am and 4pm. Supervision is guaranteed between 9am and 5pm.

Day 1
The Junior Academy Workshop starts with a relaxed introduction to the world of drones. Your Academy trainers will give you an overview of aerodynamics and the components of rotor systems. Then you will examine the structure and electronics of drones as well as get to know the legal and safety basics of aviation. To round off day one, you will go airborne in your first line-of-sight flight test.
Day 2
More fundamentals, more flying. You will be introduced to coding flight controls for drones and autonomous flying. Afterwards, you discover the basics of first-person view flying and will try it out straight away. To gain experience in flying quickly, you will be intensively supported by the Academy Trainers.
Day 3
Crafting and Droning
This is when things get hands-on. The Academy trainers will closely support you in picking up the handicraft fundamentals you need to customize and enhance drones. Besides that, you will get an introduction on various tech procedures like 3D printing and laser cutting. In the afternoon, more flight training on the simulator and in the open.
Day 4
Training Sessions
Training is everything. Today, you will proceed with intensive practice out in the open and on the simulator in preparation for the final drone race. Your Academy trainers will be nearby, supporting you with ins and outs about drone piloting. Additionally, you will start setting up the race track for the next day.
Day 5
Final Race
Today is racy. Show everyone your drone flying skills that you acquired throughout the week! But first you will get a quick introduction to the basic rules and conduct of drone racing. At the final race, you’ll be competing against your fellow Junior Academy friends. Finally, everyone is awarded for their achievements with the official Junior Academy certificate.





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How it all started

The first workshop was organized by the DRONEMASTERS Junior Academy in August 2017. This culminated on September 3rd at the DRONEMASTERS Convention 2017. The young “racers” flew on a racetrack, which consisted of self-built obstacles and were finally awarded by the then Federal Minister of Economics Brigitte Zypries for their performance.

Due to the great success and the positive response from children and parents, we organized several workshops in 2018 and were thus able to inspire over 50 other children and adolescents for drones and the technology behind them. In 2019 there will be more workshops and we are already looking forward to all who will be there.
We would like to sincerely thank our supporters for the realization of this great success.

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