Junior Academy

Holiday Workshops

Holiday course (beginners)

Drone flying as an introduction to coding and digitisation

During the four and five-day workshops, children and young people between 10 and 15 years of age learn to fly with different age-appropriate drone systems on sight and with video glasses. There is also an introduction to programming, rules for flying drones and much more.

Language: German

Programming with drones for children and young people

The holiday course for advanced students

This course is exclusively for children and teenagers who have already taken part in a holiday course of the DroneMasters Academy. In the advanced course the existing knowledge is deepened and extended.

Language: German

Weekly Workshops

Drone constructing

Build your own drone

With supervised construction, the participants can implement their individual drone project. Under the supervision and with the support of our coaches, a personal drone is developed and built.

Language: German

Coding & Drones

Programming with drones for children and young people

In the weekly programming lessons we get into the language of computers. We program first flight maneuvers and missions and learn a little bit more about programming languages and their function every week.

Language: German

Photo drone beginner course

Discover the world from above

This weekly course gives a holistic introduction to filming and photographing with drones. You can bring your own drone or use one of our equipment.

Language: German

DroneMasters Art Class

Kunstwerke mit Hilfe von Drohnen gestalten

Die DroneMasters Art Class verbindet die technischen Aspekte des Drohnenfliegens mit der kreativen Schöpfung besonderer Kunstwerke.